Quarreling coupleIf your family dynamic becomes disruptive or dangerous and you need legal help, it is important to have the right legal help.

When a family situation becomes grave, limited resources can often lead a person to seek alternatives to traditional legal counsel. Many of the services offered, often through websites or “dial-a-lawyer” hotlines, can be very limited in scope or are staffed by people who, though in the legal profession, are not seasoned members of the bar. In other words, though you may be able to access certain services via alternative methods, you will only be able to address certain issues and will probably not be able to speak to a lawyer who can take you through all the steps necessary to resolve your relationship and family issues from a legal standpoint.

Shannon Law combines the legal expertise you need with a flexible range of service options that will allow you to engage us in a form within your financial reach.

Whether you simply want a phone consultation, wish to pursue alternatives to courtroom proceedings, or must find the most cost-effective way to navigate the traditional legal process — call us. [hot-link to Contact Us] We will make sure you know about the choices available to you, the steps you need to take, and what you can expect along the way to resolution.

Shannon Law legal service options include:

o      Before filing lawsuit

o      After filing lawsuit

o      Arbitration / Mediation Model