Financial concerns are not the only issue in a family law case. Strong emotions can drive the parties involved. Community property must be divided and, if minor children are part of the family, conservatorship arrangements must be made. In both instances, and especially when it comes to issues pertaining to children, people will put all available monetary resources into the lawsuit in order to win. It is not unusual for these same people to end up filing bankruptcy because of their entanglement in very expensive litigation over child conservatorship.

Mediation as a dispute resolution alternative has been developed and adopted across the United States over the last three to four decades. In order to seek resolution via mediation, a trained mediator is engaged to work with both parties. This approach can facilitate resolution of all the issues related to a family dissolution and at the same time avoid costly court cases.

Like a judge, a mediator is a neutral party in a dispute. Unlike a judge, a mediator does not have decision making authority. Further, a mediator does not make recommendations, give advice or “take sides.” Neutrality is essential in order to maintain the trust of everyone involved and to facilitate interactions that lead to resolution acceptable to both parties.

Shannon Law offers mediation services for clients wishing to resolve disputes and conflicts through a defined process while minimizing the need for traditional courtroom interaction. You can select from three mediation options depending on your circumstances:

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