The family situation isn’t critical, but you know that something needs to be done. You believe that legal action is needed, but you’re not sure how to proceed or what to expect. You need to speak to someone who has your best interests at heart AND who has the expertise necessary to advise you effectively.

Shannon Law coaching services address this type of situation. We know the law and how the court system works to resolve family law cases, and we will offer advice pertaining to your issues.

But our coaching doesn’t stop there. We know that family law issues are rooted in relationship issues, so our sessions are not strictly limited to the legal aspects of your situation. While we are not psychologists and will not provide that type of counseling, we do take a holistic view and offer advice that will aid in the best resolution, which may or may not include a legal component and which may include referral to a professional or pastoral counselor.

Is coaching the right choice for you? Talk to us to find out.

The best way to engage our family law coaching services is to take advantage of our free initial consultation. In that 20-minute session we can discuss your situation and how coaching can help you arrive at a resolution.