Loss or change in family relationships is always difficult. Daily routines are no longer familiar and the future can suddenly become distressingly uncertain.  In these circumstances, the right legal assistance ensures that the decisions you make and the actions you take are the right ones for you and your children.

Shannon Law helps parents and other individuals attain a new balance for family life when a divorce, separation, or death happens. Our legal services are based upon extensive experience and knowledge about the various situations that can arise in the face of family change or loss. We bring focus and attention to detail to the right legal solutions along with compassion and appropriate assertiveness.

How We Work with You

When you hire Shannon Law, the first step in our design of a plan for legal services is defining your goal or desired out-come. Our client in-take process is intended to:

(1)   aid you in defining your desired out-come for services needed  and then

(2)   explore the various pathways or processes available for achieving your desired out-come at the lowest effective cost.

In helping you define your interests, we gather information and ask questions , and then actively listen to your responses.

The next step is to identify the various processes that are available for the services you need. We examine the benefits and risks associated with each process.

The final step is to mix and match needed services with a process  or set of processes that are most likely to achieve your desired out-come in the most cost effective manner.