Adoption, applicable to a child or to an adult, is governed by state statute (currently Chapter 162 of the Texas Family Code).

Adoption of a Child

There are many situations in which an adoption of a child may occur including:

  • Step-parent adoption.
  • Adoption of a child born out of wedlock, where the birth mother and the father elect to give up the child for adoption.
  • Foreign child adoption.
  • A situation where the government (in the form of Child Protective Services) becomes involved in cases of severe abuse and/or neglect.

The procedures involved in each of these situations are somewhat different.

As a result of adoption, a parent-child relationship comes into existence between the adoptive parent(s) and the child “for all purposes.” This includes the right of inheritance. All of the rights and duties of a parent to a child become effective for the adoptive parent(s). Grandparent rights of the biological or adoptive parents are not terminated by the adoption.

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Adoption of an Adult

Any adult residing within Texas may file a petition to adopt another adult. If the adult desiring to adopt is married, the spouse must join in the petition. The effect of an adult adoption is:

  • the adopted person is the son or daughter of the adoptive parent for all purposes;
  • the adopted person is entitled to inherit from and through his/her adoptive parents as though there were his/her biological parents;
  • the adopted person may not inherit from or through his/her biological parents ( though a person who is adopted might “inherit” through a gift in a valid will of the biological parent whose parental rights have been terminated by the adoption); and
  • a biological parents may not inherit from or through their biological child that is adopted as an adult.

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