Custody Enforcement – Modification

Enforcement of custody orders usually deals with collection of child support. The Texas Attorney General – Child Support Division is the state agency that has the responsibility for the collection of and enforcement of child support orders.

A person having child support enforcement problems should first contact the Texas Attorney General – Child Support Division and request “services”. You will need a copy of the most recent child support order.

Sometime a parent entitled to receive child support will want help from a private attorney. The Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division has a huge case load and limited staff time. A parent may want a higher level of service that the Texas Attorney General may be capable of providing.

Contact Shannon Family Law  for a consultation if you are not getting the level of service you desire from the Texas Attorney General.

DEFENSE of Enforcement of child support IS NOT PROVIDED by the Texas Attorney General. If you are the parent who is obligated to pay child support and you are being sued for collection of child support, you could be ordered to pay FINES and/or be CONFINED IN JAIL for failure to pay.

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Enforcement of a parenting plan is sometimes required. For example, if the other parent is not allowing visitation time ordered by the court, you may have your rights enforced.


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