Is anything dearer in life than family?

As a child or young adult, everyone looks forward to the fulfillment that comes from a life partnership that includes raising children and spoiling grandchildren.

And is anything more heartbreaking and distressful than the breaking of a family through divorce?

Many of us are not prepared when the dream of a life partnership doesn’t come true.  Judgment is clouded by intense emotion, so that even the most basic decisions become difficult. And the decisions that surround divorce are far from basic.

Included among these decisions:

  • How will joint property be divided?
  • What other financial issues must be addressed?
  • How will child custody be resolved?

Then there is the special case of domestic violence.

When the spouse of an abuser decides that the situation must end, what’s next? In addition to the issues normally related to divorce, there are other issues that need to be addressed to protect the abused spouse and the children (if there are any).

Shannon Law helps clients navigate the twists and turns of divorce by providing expert, practical legal assistance.

We help avoid costly errors in judgment by facilitating the right kind of planning and by representing the best interests of the client and their children.

Shannon Law divorce services span five key areas: