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Richard Shannon: Crown Jewel of Texas Family LawWow!!! His deep knowledge of the law, his current-ness of the case law and the love, care and compassion he brings to his clients and their cases are just simply out of this world. Frankly, this man is a lawyers’ lawyer. HE JUST LOVES TO KNOW AND DO HIS WORK WITH LOVE, CARE AND COMPASSION. -- Rita B
Shannon Law was a BlessingMy divorce was long and difficult because initially I attempted the LegalZoom, aka LegalDoom, route. Richard Shannon knew I needed to save money so after discussing my situation with him, I opted to utilize his Limited Scope Representation service and he gave me the option to do as much of the paperwork as I wanted to in order to save on expenses. -- Dan S.
Richard Shannon is the best divorce attorney in the State of Texas…Mr. Richard Shannon is the best divorce and family law attorney in the State of Texas. He has over 30 years of experience and a very in-depth and thorough knowledge of the Texas legal system and the Texas courts. -- Gabrielle D.
Highly Effective, Resolute and Compassionate RepresentationRichard Shannon took my case against a highly respected opposing counsel when I was at a distinct disadvantage, and through astute analysis, skillful navigation of the family courts and cogent representation brought me to a position of strength in relatively short order. -- Susan Kamins
Richard was awesome, informative and helpfulRichard, was referred to me by a friend. He was knowledgeable, easily accessible, answered all my questions until i was satisfied and helped me understand, the next process that was going to unfold. If you write him an email or text me, you can count on getting a quick response back, regardless of how busy he is. -- Owis Ahmed