Richard Shannon: Crown Jewel of Texas Family Law

By Rita B. on 05/11/2017 

Wow!!! His deep knowledge of the law, his current-ness of the case law and the love, care and compassion he brings to his clients and their cases are just simply out of this world. Frankly, this man is a lawyers’ lawyer. HE JUST LOVES TO KNOW AND DO HIS WORK WITH LOVE, CARE AND COMPASSION.

Shannon Law was a Blessing

By Dan S. on 08/26/2016 

My divorce was long and difficult because initially I attempted the LegalZoom, aka LegalDoom, route. Richard Shannon knew I needed to save money so after discussing my situation with him, I opted to utilize his Limited Scope Representation service and he gave me the option to do as much of the paperwork as I wanted to in order to save on expenses.

When it became clear that my X-wife would not cooperate in any reasonable manner, I was forced to have Richard provide Full Representation. Richard was able to avoid unnecessary hearings, in particular, a potentially costly and complicating change of venue motion, by rightfully convincing the other party that their motion would likely be dismissed and that mediation was was the correct and most expeditious course for both parties. Richard was brilliant during the mediation process which ended in a mediated settlement agreement that was almost identical to our original offer… I never thought that I’d get divorced. I really wish things would’ve turned out differently with my marriage. However, it takes two committed people to have a marriage. My X-wife chose a different path, and after all that has past, I’m finally okay with it. Despite everything bad that happened in my marriage, I do feel truly blessed that I met Richard Shannon. Richard offered unbeatable legal representation; in addition, he treated me with understanding, respect, and dignity. In the future, I know that Richard Shannon will be the first call I make when I have legal questions. Thanks for everything Richard!

Richard Shannon is the best divorce attorney in the State of Texas…

By Gabrielle D. on 07/22/2016 

Mr. Richard Shannon is the best divorce and family law attorney in the State of Texas. He has over 30 years of experience and a very in-depth and thorough knowledge of the Texas legal system and the Texas courts.

I am a professional writer, and I am describing my experience as a client of Mr. Shannon’s. Mr. Shannon and his firm have the follow

ing attributes:

  • On your side. An excellent law firm for people who don’t have a large, local group of family

and friends to support them through a divorce. Mr. Shannon is trustworthy and supportive.

  • Ethical. I greatly admire Mr. Shannon’s ethics. I carefully selected my MBA program, based on its Business Ethics component and I have extensively studied the subject of Ethics. Interacting with people with ethics in today’s world is very refreshing and at times, rare. Mr. Shannon is very ethical.
  • Hard working. Mr. Shannon provides incredible value for your money.
  • Brilliant legal tactics and strategies.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge. With over 30 years of practicing family law in the State of Texas, Mr. Shannon knows the overview of a case very quickly and has the ability to “hit the ground running.” My friend, also going through a divorce, had a 30-minute free consultation with Mr. Shannon and received from Mr. Shannon, a clarity and direction in her case that she had been unable to get from her own 4 successive lawyers to whom she had paid her entire savings of over $100,000.
  • Tireless and detail-oriented. In only a couple of days, Mr. Shannon had gone through over 500 pages of bank statements line by line, and arrived at critical conclusions in my case.
  • Strong, and does not back down in the face of adversity. Mr. Shannon cannot be bullied by opposing counsel the way some attorneys can. In extreme adversity Mr. Shannon then works on outmaneuvering and out thinking the opponent. I believe that Mr. Shannon, loves the challenge.
  • Well-networked and respected among his peers.
  • Fair and seeking justice. While Mr. Shannon is on your side, and working hard for you, he is also fair and seeking justice and looking to the most positive and constructive resolution.
  • Accurate billing. Mr. Shannon does not over-bill or pad the bills. Every minute he has billed, he has worked.
  • Texan. Mr. Shannon is a proud Texan and takes pride in his knowledge and abilities with the Texas legal system. He also works to improve the Texas legal system through volunteer work. Mr. Shannon is an embodiment of the good in the State of Texas. I am proud to know Mr. Shannon and to be a client of his.

I strongly recommend Mr. Richard Shannon and I am very grateful for all he has done in my divorce and child custody case. Mr. Shannon was an answer to my prayers.

Highly Effective, Resolute and Compassionate Representation

By Susan Kamins on 02/11/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Richard Shannon took my case against a highly respected opposing counsel when I was at a distinct disadvantage, and through astute analysis, skillful navigation of the family courts and cogent representation brought me to a position of strength in relatively short order. He is indefatigable in his efforts as well as artful, and he leaves no stone unturned. Mr Shannon’s effectiveness as a legal champion is coupled with true compassion: He very clearly understands that the current family law process in most cases serves to exacerbate animosity, escalate expenses and delay resolution to the detriment of families. He is well informed about alternative resources that can help mitigate this, and he was straightforwardly honest with me in his assessment of the best outcome for my family. He also helped me stay focused and not run up the clock unnecessarily! I will be ever grateful for his service on my behalf. Had he not stepped in on short notice to overturn a judge’s order against my request for a continuance and brought my case to its current strong position in subsequent proceedings, I believe that my family’s suffering would have only increased and things may well have ended badly for us. As it currently stands, my children are doing better every day, my ex-spouse has offered to negotiate (after initially telling me he would win quickly by outspending me in court) and we have the opportunity and court ordered resources to begin to heal our family.

Richard was awesome, informative and helpful

By Owis Ahmed on 02/11/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Richard, was referred to me by a friend. He was knowledgeable, easily accessible, answered all my questions until i was satisfied and helped me understand, the next process that was going to unfold. If you write him an email or text me, you can count on getting a quick response back, regardless of how busy he is.